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Hi everyone! I am just here to share some of my experiences in the wedding industry. In no way do I want anyone to get offended by what I say or post! I hope any new bride that comes across my post can take the things I say and use them when planning their wedding and going wedding dress shopping. I’d also love to hear about your experiences in the industry or wedding dress shopping. XOXO




Today’s post is going to be how to deal with your in-laws! This is especially for brides/grooms-to be and or people already dealing with in-laws. Remember you are not just marrying your fiance but also into the family. Dealing with in laws can be challenging especially when they are invasive or over-protective. Sometimes they can make you feel like you’re not good enough or like their judging you. I know everyone’s situation is different but if you are struggling with how to deal with your in laws I say take a step back and try these options. You don’t want the cause of

So I can say that I have had my fair share of challenges with my mother-in-law. There were definitely times when it was almost a deal-breaker but I had to look how I can change the situation versus running away from it. I think as time goes by we are constantly working on our relationship, especially since she lives with us but all in all it took some time to get there. It’s in a much better place now!

For instance in my situation their was a major cultural difference between me and my mother-in-law. I wouldn’t understand her ways and vice versa. I got so tired of being uncomfortable, especially since she lived with us, so I had to make an effort to get to know her and her culture. She came from raising predominantly boys and I came from my parents raising predominantly girls. I am a very independent woman so having someone do things for me was very hard. Also with her living with us it gave her an opportunity to rekindle her relationship with my husband, which i felt excluded.

See where the challenges could come from? Women are taught to cook, work, clean, take care of the family, etc. so in my eyes I was “THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE”. So for her to come in and being doing the same thing, you know we bumped heads… We eventually worked out a plan to where we could both take part in the household duties, so that way I didn’t feel like she was taking over.

Here are some things I had to realize and do to make our relationship better:

(Not all of these applied to me, lol I had to get insight from others as well)

  • Accepting that your partner and their parent’s have a special bond.

What I mean by that is, they are your partners creators and no matter how old your partner is their parents will do any and everything to protect them…..even when they don’t need protecting.

  • Be yourself! At the end of the day you will find greater peace knowing that you are 100% genuine rather than being mad at yourself for being something you’re not and its still not appreciated. 


  • Fully get to know them and make sure they know you! Show them why your partner fell in love with you. This will help them get a sense of why you are the way you are and vise versa. 

(For me I am very guarded and don’t let people in to easily, so it took a while for us to get to know each other)


  • Do not compete- This goes for both sexes(mother and father).

-I know for me my hunny can never compete with my dad lol sorry babe!

But if they are trying to compete with you just back off and let them do their thing you can never compare to the person that created them. As petty as this sounds I know aloooot of in-laws that try to compete with each other. 


  • Communicate with your partner. If you feel like their parents are doing petty things or you can’t find a way to connect with them, inform your partner. This way they are in the loop. NOW if they just brush it off, this is where you have a problem…..Never feel uncomfortable talking about this, keep in mind you will be around these people often and if there’s tension that’s no bueno. 


  • Speak the hell up! I am a very vocal person so I have no problem expressing my feelings and if I feel someone is blatantly mistreating me or excluding me I am going to let them know. Now, I am not telling you to go off on your in-laws!!! Just simply stick up for yourself. (They prey on the weak) 

Dealing with your partner’s parents or vice versa can be a touchy subject for everyone. I learned if I’m in this relationship forever I have to make the best of things. I hope for any of you dealing with this you’re able to turn things around and have a better relationship with your in-laws. Or at least now you know how you can approach the situation

(Side note) Some may say, well how does my husband deal with my in-laws!? He stays the hell away! HAHAHAHAHA!  Just kidding. My parents are VERY over protective of their kids, but with me knowing that it was definitely something I prepared him for in the beginning. Now my parents love him more than me! 😦


Best Bridal Wishes,


Buyers Remorse

This weekend was pretty busy at work and as we head into the summer we start seeing more 2018 brides. Now for those of you wondering, you should begin shopping for your dress about a 8-10 months before the wedding. This leaves enough time for the dress being ordered and alterations if needed. (If you’re an indecisive person I would leave more time)

I don’t want to contradict myself but, shopping too early can be a little tricky. You can fall in love with an older collection dress and then a new collection comes out and you regret your decision. I would say if you’re following a particular designer just be aware of when they are releasing their designs. 

Soooo lets get to the story.  I had a bride who is getting married spring of 2018. She’s doing her part by shopping about 11 months before her wedding. So as she is waiting for me to greet her she picks out dress she wants to try on. Once meeting her and her party she shows me the dress she MUST try on. We go through a few of the dresses I pick and finally we get to the dress she wanted to try. When she walks out of the room she is grinning from ear to ear. She repeatedly says how much she loves it and loves all the details on it. (Remember she picked this dress) We try on a few more dresses and they don’t compare to the dress she loves. Her family is very happy and all for it. I step away to give them time to talk and enjoy their moment.

As I was gone I guess she said yes to the dress! I answer all her questions about the gown as far as alterations, colors, sizing and shipping time frame. We go through the checkout process and she leaves so happy and relieved she was able to find her gown.

Here is the DRAMA!

Later that day she calls and asks how can she get her money back because she is second guessing her decision. She felt pressured into getting the dress. NOW, unless her family pressured her I don’t understand where she got that from. I barely did any work. FYI: I work really hard……sometimes.

Pressured Definition: Attempt to persuade or coerce (someone) into doing something.

  1. She picked the dress!!!
  2. She said yes to the dress without me, RUDE! LOL 
  3. She got emotional 

It’s evident that she continued bridal shopping that day! How do I know? There is no way I am going to make that large of a purchase knowing all sales are final and then expect a refund because all of a sudden I changed my mind.

I am all for a bride finding her dream dress and would never want anyone to feel like that but don’t lie on me. If she genuinely felt like that gown wasn’t her dream dress she wouldn’t have never bought it. This is a key sign that she continued shopping.

Most brides are influenced by their family/friends to continue shopping not realizing that they are confusing the bride.  This is something that should NOT be done because you second guess if you’re dress is the one and you ultimately waste time.

Unfortunately we have a strict ALL SALES ARE FINAL policy, so she can’t get her money back but she has been offered to come in and re-select with us.

The point of this is, if you’re unsure about your decision take a day or so and think about it, especially if you have time. If you want to see what else is out there by all means go for it. But don’t shop too much because you can go to 10 different stores and love something at each store and will never be able to make a decision. WHY!? All the dresses begin looking like white fabric.  You’ll look like a fool picking out YOUR dress and then calling back to cancel or receive a refund. Sorry to sound a little harsh but it’s very frustrating!


I AM NOT A SALESWOMAN! I am a BRIDAL STYLIST. I am the voice of the dress, I am there to style you and give you tips about the look you’re going for the day of the wedding. You give me the elements you want in a dress and I am bringing you a selection of styles. THE DECISION IS ALL YOURS!


TIPS: For my 2018 brides: DO RESEARCH before physically shopping. At your first bridal appointment try on every silhouette so you know what you actually like and dislike! This alleviates you yearning to try on dresses you never got to try.


Best Bridal Wishes,



Should we give second chances?

This post is not related to any of my typical wedding/bridal posts. This is just more so me free writing and rambling so I do apologize if things are not organized. This is just a topic me and some friends have been talking about and wanted to see what others thought!

Anyways, how many times have you given a person multiple chances? Do you think they deserved them? Why did you have them a second chance at all? Have y0u ever regretted giving a person another chance?

I know for me I’m all about giving people chances. It does kind of suck because you’d hope they learned their lesson. Some do and some don’t. I’m not particularly referring to anything specific but  I’ve given multiple chances to people in my relationships, family, friends and work. I always try to give an individual the benefit of the doubt and sometimes it’s backfired.

My best friend has been dealing with giving his girlfriend another chance after she cheated on him. My advice to him was….Did she show remorse? Was she genuinely sorry? Do you see yourself getting past this and think you guys can be happy again ? Did she really make you happy? I obviously can’t make the decision for him but I know their loved seemed genuine, to me at least. I just really want to help him get past this.

I know in my experience of being hurt by people and especially being cheated on I have to really look at how I genuinely feel about the person. I think about all the same questions I asked my friend. I’ve definitely grown over the years and learned you can’t great everyone the same way so unfortunately everyone can’t always have another chance or else they’ll walk all over you! I have given chances to people that FOR SURE did not deserve it and I felt so stupid! I usually go for my relationships with friends so if I give you another chance and you waste it we are DONE! No IF’S, AND’S or BUT’S!

What do you guys think about giving a person another chance? Whether it be a relationship with your partner or friends/family!? Did they deserve it? What was the outcome of the second chance? 

-BC ❤


Why do we blog?

I love this!!!


Are we addicted to the keystrokes? Do we live for the fame? Do we just want someone to hear our voice?

stanley-dai-242205 Phone. Coffee. Glasses. Ruler. Ready Set Blog!

Everyday thousands of blogpost get published to the world wide web. Many of the post, like this one are just a blip on the radar. So why do we do it?

We are human in need of self-expression. You ever have something happen to you where you just couldn’t wait to tell your family and friends? Blogs allow us to freely express our innermost thoughts and ideas with the world.  A safe place to truly reveal a sense of self without fear. An outlet for all our stories, thoughts and emotions. The act of self-expression empowers us to live freely and fully.

Blogging can be seen as a form of reflection. A time and space where one can unwind, and revisit experiences…

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He Had the Nerve to Ask Me to Suck His (You Know What)


As the title states a date that turned upside completely by this guy who was ballsy enough to ask me for a BJ. This was one of my very first Tinder dates and I was completely appalled after the date. You would think I would have given Tinder up after that but I didn’t. Anyway here’s the story….

So as mentioned above it was my first time trying out Tinder. I was a young hopeful city girl looking to get into the dating scene. I was completely oblivious of what was actually out there.

This guy whose name I forgot because he was a douche anyway asked me to dinner in Santa Monica at this place called Hillstone. It was a pretty cool place and I had never dined in Santa Monica so it was something different. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. He was originally from Michigan and…

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Work Stories

The Backstabbing Maid of Honor!

Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Like I’ve said in my previous post sometimes you’re in a competition with your friends/ family and don’t even know it. WARNING: This story is slightly sad and some may even say I shouldn’t write about it but I think a lot of people can benefit from this. Remember I am in a industry where the most random things happen and as much as we think wedding planning is so beautiful here is the ugly side to it.


So when I first entered this industry I thought this was going to be an amazing opportunity to help people plan the next chapter in their life. II expected this was going to be so beautiful and I’d be constantly helping people who were genuinely in love and everyone on the brides/groom team  was super supportive. WRONG! I’ve found that most of the brides haters are her closets friends. TO ALL MY BRIDES OUT THERE BE CAREFUL! WATCH OUT FOR THE SIGNS!

Anyways, I was new to this industry about a few months in and I was working with a bride indirectly and felt like we had built a good rapport. This woman was one of the most genuine people I could ever meet, she was an angel. She would stop by the store from time to time and chit chat with us about her wedding planning or continuously purchase things. I remember when her dress came I shipped it to her and gave her courtesy call just to chit chat. She was ecstatic! Once she received it she asked if she could come back in and try the gown on with some of her girlfriends, I told her sure why not.

When she finally came in she introduced me to her “Maid of Honor”/longtime bestie, we’ll call her (THE HATER). She was so happy to have this girl around because this was the person responsible for introducing her to the groom-to-be. You guys let me tell how I could just feel this girl’s negative energy. She clearly did not want to be there and had a very bad attitude. Fast forward! When the bride tried on the dress and came out of the fitting room her MOH was not paying attention, she was off somewhere looking at dresses for herself. Like wtf! Red Flag number 1. She then proceeded to ask the bride ” Oh this is the dress you picked!?” Red flag number 2. All the other girls were so happy and she was the only hater. One of the other bridesmaids even told her to stop hating and be supportive. Mind you the brides dress was a beautiful mermaid designer gown with a lot of beading and embellishments. Anyways the bride was a little taken back by her friends reaction and seemed slightly discouraged about her pick that she wanted to “shop around again”. Initiated by “The Hater” since she wasn’t there to pick out the dress. Red flag number 3. Had to remind her real quick that ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 😉

Let me get to the juicy party now that we have some background on “The Hater”. So the bride has less than 6 months until her wedding and is planning her little heart out. One day I get to the store and was told I had a message from this bride. I was curious as to why considering she wasn’t my original bride. But anyways, I call her back and this woman is BOOHOO crying on the phone. I could barely understand anything she was saying. I had to get her to calm down over the phone and finally she told me news that would break anyone’s heart………………………..(I’m childish with the periods) lol


HER MAID OF HONOR AND GROWN HAD BEEN MESSING AROUND THEIR ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!! In my head all I’m thinking is I KNEW IT! I didn’t ask but of course she went into details how she had noticed her friend’s weird behavior and that she needed to sit her down and talk. At that point the friend had made up excuses why she no longer wanted to be in the wedding. COWARD! The bride didn’t believe that and finally “The Hater” confessed that her and the groom had been sleeping together prior to the bride-to-be and grooms relationship. PAUSE! Why in the hell would you introduce them then!? I remember I was still at work and keep it professional so of course I apologized and told her everything will be okay. (No one ever wants to hear this but it will be)

She went on to ask me how she could go about getting her money back for the dress since a lot of her vendors weren’t doing the same. I felt so bad, you guys wedding are expensive people pay anywhere between $5000-$1,000,000. She was having an extravagant wedding and was loosing at least half of her deposits. 

I don’t know what happened after that, all I know she was issued her a refund. She was done with the guy for sure but cant say the same for her friendship with “The Hater” since this was her longtime bestie. All I know is I hope she left both of them behind. 

Ladies, be careful! Watch the people on “your team”. I know for me I definitely have trust issues and have a very tight circle of friends. Not everyone wants to see you happy, some can catch on quickly and others it takes a while. Just check for those red flags when it comes to your friends and planning your wedding.


Best Bridal Wishes,


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Talking about Marriage does not mean you’re engaged!

Welcome back and sorry for the lack of posting….. But I just needed to vent a little bit lol. I hope you all find some humor in my post and not get offended, I just speak about things my colleagues and I deal with on a daily at work. This has been a major issue we’ve been dealing with lately.


As a bridal consultant nothing is more frustrating then a person coming in an wasting my time. Now its not all about the money and sales because I love informing brides-to-be about what it takes to plan a wedding. But I can’t take you serious when you’re not officially engaged!

When you finally reach that point in your relationship and you guys talk about the future like having kids and getting married…..THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE ENGAGED! Until he proposes you guys are still boyfriend and girlfriend lol. I will say I’ve had brides tell me he rolled over and said “Will you marry me?” and they said yes. They don’t always get a ring right away but when they have the main elements booked for their wedding its a little more believable. I know some people are a little weird about the ring situation but there is a difference.

A lot of times we let the excitement of the wedding talk take over and next thing you know you’re wedding dress shopping with family and friends but you’re not really engaged. Let me tell you the many things that are wrong with it.

1.You’re WASTING EVERYONE’S TIME! You think “ohh I’m getting a head-start”. WRONG! You don’t really know what you’re looking for and by the time you actually need to shop you’re going to be confused and overwhelmed. You can be doing a million other things, but instead you’re shopping for a dress and not even engaged.

2.You may potentially run the man off, although you guys talked about it he may not be officially be ready but knows that he wants a future with you. Just wait for it to happen, I promise you the experience is so much more enjoyable this way. Also your man may not appreciate you sending him pictures in wedding dresses when he knows he hasn’t proposed.

3. You look like a crazy person! Walking around a bridal store without a ring, venue, wedding date and a budget. No bridal consultant will ever take you serious and although it sucks you may get bad service because WE KNOW when people are playing around.

4. There are other ways of learning what it takes and cost to plan a wedding without going wedding dress shopping. That’s why we have GOOGLE.COM and phones. You can always use these tools to get the information you need.

5. Trying on dresses take a lot of work. IT IS NOT PLAYING DRESS UP!!!!!!! Most of the time you are half-naked in front of a complete stranger, the dresses are heavy and uncomfortable if you’re trying on something that’s too small.

The list can go on and on but this is to name a few MAIN reasons……


Lately I’ve had so many brides tell me… “Ohhh I’m not really engaged I just wanted to get an idea for when my boyfriend does propose”. Sweetie then begin your wedding planning when that happens. Time is precious, why aren’t you spending time with your significant other? Let the engagement come to you because if you rush and and get married too soon…. it can lead to the ultimate heartbreak….DIVORCE!

There is nothing wrong with inquiring about the process, pricing or what it takes but once you get an idea keep that information to yourself. I promise the minute you get friends and family involved your boyfriend will feel very pressured and may back off. As a consultant I don’t mind informing people about the business and the financial cost of it but do not act like you’re coming to buy making up information. Need any information don’t hesitate to ask. Hope you all enjoyed and thanks for letting me vent!


Best Bridal Wishes!

Need to know!

The Hating Bridesmaids!

1st off! Sorry its been a while work has been busyyyy! But lets talk about bridesmaids!!! Bridesmaids are usually your closes friends and or family members, the ones that are down for everything, the ones that support you, the people you love the most. So why do they give their bride such a hard time?

Well lets talk about it! I have seen soo many brides that just want to share their happiness with all of their friends. But what they don’t realize is not everyone on their team is rooting for them. Big bridal parties look so good in pictures but sometimes come with a lot of  drama. Sometimes small is better ;). (sometimes)

As women we can’t wait for the day that we will hear those magic words, “Will you marry me”. Once you do, you  go full throttle into wedding planning: picking colors, venues and the most important ….asking people to be in your wedding. You’ve asked siblings, family members and BFF’s but now you’re up to about 8 girls. It’s all fun and games until its time to get down to coordinating what everyone’s role will be. There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding so you’d appreciate all the help you can get but when people fall through on their promises and responsibilities what are you to do? KICK THEM OUT THE WEDDING!

Why so quickly you ask? If your maid of honor/bridesmaids are lacking in their duties its because deep down there is some jealousy going on there….or you’re a bridezilla and they don’t want to tolerate your BS.

Not every bridesmaid is hating on their bride, but MOST DO! It typically has nothing to really do with the bride its more so some issues the individual is dealing with. It could be personal issues, insecurities, finances, jealousy….the list could go on. People expect to be at a certain point in their life and when others are randomly accomplishing goals before them it can bring out a very ugly side. It will show people’s true colors and true feelings may come out. You’d be surprised to know how many people are in competition with you when you’re just trying to live your life.

A lot goes in to being a bridesmaid like the cost, their time, their responsibilities and if they’ll benefit by finding a man(LOL). I’ve worked with so many bridesmaids that are jealous their bride is getting married before them, so they find reasons to give her a hard time or make the process difficult. NOW for all the girls that are asked to be a bridesmaid, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SAY YES! You are not obligated the be in the wedding!!! If when your friend first ask you and you feel some slight jealousy, BACK AWAY! There are ways for you to communicate to her that you feel more comfortable being a guest, her feelings should not be hurt if anything she’ll respect you for it in the long run.

A bridesmaid should be there for the bride to calm her spirits when the process gets rough, assist in wedding planning and support her decisions. Silence is golden! Remember it is NOT YOUR WEDDING! If your bride wants polka-dots and pink in her wedding you need to be all for it. Opinions do matter however you need to think from her point-of-view, really get an idea of her vision and help her execute it. Not bitch and moan about how ugly and tacky things are. I’ve worked with amazing bridesmaids that have pitched in and purchased the brides dress, paid for things in her wedding, threw her an AWESOME bacherlorette party. It really shows the importance and love in the friendship.

To my brides- Choose wisely who you have in your wedding. AGAIN, large parties look amazing in pictures but are you really going to let these bitches steal your shine?(LOL) Think about who you truly want to share this journey with. If you have to hesitate on who you’re going to pick most likely you shouldn’t pick them….You know they will give you hell, or you know over the years the friendship hasn’t been on that level.

Know when to POLITELY remove someone of of your wedding.

  1. Lack of communication – It takes 30 seconds or less to text someone. If they are not properly communicating its time to say goodbye!
  2. If you are scheduling fittings and or get together’s but they are not attending….ADIOS AMIGO! Everyone’s schedule is different however if you guys coordinate a time to meet up and they are still absent, this is not important to them.
  3. Not fulfilling their responsibilities- If you delegate a job to them and they always find an excuse as to why they didn’t get it done or flat out doesn’t do it…see you later! They are secretly trying to sabotage your big day!
  4. The most important FINANCES! When your friends accept their role to be in your wedding even with the financial responsibility you guys discuss and suddenly they start acting shady or cheap IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THEM! For one you should always be in communication with the cost of things so there are no surprises. I understand times get hard and life hits us out of no where but when people start acting cheap it means they are no longer interested.

This isn’t only to bash bridesmaids because sometimes brides can turn their friends off from enjoying this process. So if it is that maybe you guys need to sit down and have a chat. Think about what she’s going through, she could be stressed have cold feet, or feel the pressure to make everything perfect. That’s when you step up and help her out and hopefully she’ll calm down. If not than she’s always a BITCH and to save yourself the headache back away!


As always I hope this has helped some of you in your wedding planning! I’m always down to give advice or help you through your journey!



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Wedding Dress Shopping Do’s & Dont’s!

Told from a Bridal Consultant’s point of view! Here are some do’s and don’ts that your bridal consultant will appreciate when you go wedding dress shopping!



1.  PLEASE WEAR UNDERWEAR…….. and proper undergarments. Keep in mind you might be getting damn dear naked in front of this person and it’s not necessarily for our comfort but more so for hygiene purposes. Also please go to your appointment at your BEST! Personal hygiene is important….please be FRESH !

2. HAVE MONEY!!! Would you go grocery shopping without your wallet or any money? I’d hope not!! Keep in mind sometimes discounts are offered and you don’t want to miss out because you don’t have the money or the person that is purchasing isn’t there. Some bridal boutiques offer payment plans so if you don’t have all of it you can do a down payment. You will fall in love with a dress and knowing you can’t purchase it, is devastating.

3. Do your research- Call the store and ask questions. Go online see their dress selections, check out the accessories and sizing( Most brides will go up 2 sizes in bridal gowns). Try to find some dresses that have elements you would want in your bridal gown. DO NOT go to an appointment without having an idea of what it is you’re looking for.

4. BOOK APPOINTMENTS- When wedding dress shopping always make an appointment. Most places will accept walk-ins however its time consuming for YOU to have to wait around for them to finish with their APPOINTMENT! It’s also slightly embarrassing when you’re with a large party and you get turned away from a bridal salon because they are fully booked for the day and aren’t able to accept you as a walk-in. You get the “You can browse and when you’re ready we can make you and appointment”.

5. Have an open mind you never know what you may like. Don’t commit to a look you’ve seen online until you actually try it on.  You’d be surprised at what it is you really like. Be true to yourself! If you want that princess look then go for it! People will try to talk you into a look that you actually aren’t comfortable with



  1. Do NOT bring too many people to your appointments. Only bring your most supportive friends or family members. Too many opions is ALWAYS overwhelming for a bride and she always loses her voice in the appointment. Everyone wants you to try on dresses that they know they’ll never be able to wear! Most friends and family try to live through you. A good number to bring will be about 3 people. When trying to figure out who to bring think about the people you run too in a crisis.

2. Do not- Let people in your party speak for you! THIS IS YOUR WEDDING AND YOUR SPECIAL DAY! If you can’t articulate to the consultant what you want than maybe you need to go back and for your research! As a consultant it’s annoying when I’m asking you what you like and your Cousin adds elements that you don’t really like. Also it seems like they are trying to steal your shine.

3. Do not try on dresses that you’re not interested in. It’s a waste of time. Typically you’ll try on the 5 major silhouettes but they all may have the details you like. But after that you’ll be able to figure out what shape you like.  But if you want a lace mermaid DO NOT try on  Satin ballgown.  It’s taking away from finding your dream dress.

4. DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR BUDGET! This is any bridal consultants pet peeve. Be realistic if you have $10,000 to spend on a dress than kudos to you but if you have $2,000 you can spend than say that. Your consultant will let you know if a gown is out of your price range before even trying it on.  When you say your budget is $2,000 and you really have $1,200 to  spend you can disappoint yourself by falling in love with a gown you can’t afford.

5. Do not say you’re going to lose weight if you really don’t plan too. SOME people need motivation so they use their dress as a way to help them meet their goal. But keep in mind loosing weight is a process and it takes dedication! If you come in your appointment as a size 10 and want to get down to a size 6 by your wedding date you should’ve already began your weight-loss journey.  You know how you want to look the day of your wedding so as soon you say yes to your fiancé,  excuse yourself and hit the gym! 💪

These are some of the MAJOR tips to keep in mind when wedding dress shopping. The consultant has a job to do and we want to make it a fun experience for everyone. Wedding dress shopping shouldn’t be that hard or an experience you dread. It should be a fun and productive experience that’s apart of planning your wedding.

As always I hope you guys enjoyed and please be sure to share this with your friends or family members who are wedding dress shopping!

Stay tuned for more, I had some interesting appointments this weekend! 😘 Muah

Best Bridal Wishes!

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The Budget Bride….

Wedding dresses are NOT CHEAP! Being in this industry now for about 4 years I’ve learned that brides have unrealistic expectations for their wedding. There’s a lot that goes into planning weddings and they can be extremely expensive .  Now there is nothing wrong with having a budget for your wedding gown but please be realistic!!! I get brides on a daily that have a $500 budget but when asking what are they looking for they show me pictures of a $20,000 Galia Lahav gown! https://www.galialahav.com/wedding/le-secret-royal/lily-rose/

When a consultant ask you what you’re looking for its best to KNOW or HAVE AN IDEA! Pointing to your pinterest board and saying “I like this and that and that”…..NOT HELPFUL! I like that dress too sweetie but the gown doesn’t have anything you would want in your dream dress now does it? Describe your ideal gown for me…..as you would when looking for a man! LOL!! I’m sure if someone walked up to you and asked you to describe your dream man you would get as detailed as your preference on the size of his manhood! We all like them big but realistically they aren’t! 😔

I had a bride recently at work that had a budget of about $600 for her wedding dress. Now thats no problem for me because at my store we definitely have options. When she started describing her ideal dress, so many dress options popped into my head. I just knew I had the gown for her. WRONG! She wwanted looking for a low-back, lace mermaid gown with sleeves or some sort of strap and for it to have some bling on it. After pulling her about 5 options that we had, she gave me a face that said she was not interested in these gowns! Girrlll I’m pulling my best selling gowns and ALL within your price range. What is the problem!? For her the gowns were “too simple” “not what she expected” and they were not “HER”(what does that even mean?).

So I asked her to show me some gowns that she’s been interested in or gowns that she’s tried on and of course she pulls out the pinterest board with Maggie Sottero, Allure Bridal and Katie May gowns. Now anyone who knows bridal knows that NONE of these gowns are in her price range. I asked her what do you like about these gowns and she said “They have the pretty low-back, super fitted and I like the lace detail”. So I’m smiling at her trying to figure out what was wrong with the options I provided…. Anyways I did explain that the dresses she showed interest in are designer gowns that range from about $3000-$10,000. Her response is priceless….”Wow who would spend that much on a dress”. At that point I was DONE! But of course she wanted to try on the $2300 dress. THIS BREAKS MY HEART every time! I stalled and came up with so many excuses but the ONE friend who said” Well just try it so at least you know for the next time you try on dresses”. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?! Of course as always she loves the gown and its everything she’s looking for. She had to face the sad reality that she wasn’t willing to spend that much on the gown and she left the store broken-hearted.

I never try to make my brides feel insecure about their budgets or their taste in fashion however please be realistic. I always like to educate a bride that a lot goes into making a wedding dress, there’s so much detail and time that is put into creating someones dream dress. There are wedding dress designers that create gowns for all types of sizes as well as people’s price range. It’s up to YOU(the bride) to accept the reality of what you’re comfortable spending. Any bride can find her dream dress at whatever cost she has allocated but its up to her to do the research of where she can find it. Do not waste your time or a consultants time trying on a gown you’re not willing to spend on. Its really hurtful on both ends. Knowing you found your dress or helped someone find their dress but they can’t get it due to financial reasons is devastating.

There is nothing wrong with having a budget for your gown….Shoot I would because I know I would want to go all out on my future home and or honeymoon. But when wedding dress shopping please be realistic and understand that the consultant is only trying to help you. I hope you guys enjoyed this story and I would love to hear about your experiences wedding dress shopping!

Best Bridal Wishes!