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The Backstabbing Maid of Honor!

Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Like I’ve said in my previous post sometimes you’re in a competition with your friends/ family and don’t even know it. WARNING: This story is slightly sad and some may even say I shouldn’t write about it but I think a lot of people can benefit from this. Remember I am in a industry where the most random things happen and as much as we think wedding planning is so beautiful here is the ugly side to it.


So when I first entered this industry I thought this was going to be an amazing opportunity to help people plan the next chapter in their life. II expected this was going to be so beautiful and I’d be constantly helping people who were genuinely in love and everyone on the brides/groom team  was super supportive. WRONG! I’ve found that most of the brides haters are her closets friends. TO ALL MY BRIDES OUT THERE BE CAREFUL! WATCH OUT FOR THE SIGNS!

Anyways, I was new to this industry about a few months in and I was working with a bride indirectly and felt like we had built a good rapport. This woman was one of the most genuine people I could ever meet, she was an angel. She would stop by the store from time to time and chit chat with us about her wedding planning or continuously purchase things. I remember when her dress came I shipped it to her and gave her courtesy call just to chit chat. She was ecstatic! Once she received it she asked if she could come back in and try the gown on with some of her girlfriends, I told her sure why not.

When she finally came in she introduced me to her “Maid of Honor”/longtime bestie, we’ll call her (THE HATER). She was so happy to have this girl around because this was the person responsible for introducing her to the groom-to-be. You guys let me tell how I could just feel this girl’s negative energy. She clearly did not want to be there and had a very bad attitude. Fast forward! When the bride tried on the dress and came out of the fitting room her MOH was not paying attention, she was off somewhere looking at dresses for herself. Like wtf! Red Flag number 1. She then proceeded to ask the bride ” Oh this is the dress you picked!?” Red flag number 2. All the other girls were so happy and she was the only hater. One of the other bridesmaids even told her to stop hating and be supportive. Mind you the brides dress was a beautiful mermaid designer gown with a lot of beading and embellishments. Anyways the bride was a little taken back by her friends reaction and seemed slightly discouraged about her pick that she wanted to “shop around again”. Initiated by “The Hater” since she wasn’t there to pick out the dress. Red flag number 3. Had to remind her real quick that ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 😉

Let me get to the juicy party now that we have some background on “The Hater”. So the bride has less than 6 months until her wedding and is planning her little heart out. One day I get to the store and was told I had a message from this bride. I was curious as to why considering she wasn’t my original bride. But anyways, I call her back and this woman is BOOHOO crying on the phone. I could barely understand anything she was saying. I had to get her to calm down over the phone and finally she told me news that would break anyone’s heart………………………..(I’m childish with the periods) lol


HER MAID OF HONOR AND GROWN HAD BEEN MESSING AROUND THEIR ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!! In my head all I’m thinking is I KNEW IT! I didn’t ask but of course she went into details how she had noticed her friend’s weird behavior and that she needed to sit her down and talk. At that point the friend had made up excuses why she no longer wanted to be in the wedding. COWARD! The bride didn’t believe that and finally “The Hater” confessed that her and the groom had been sleeping together prior to the bride-to-be and grooms relationship. PAUSE! Why in the hell would you introduce them then!? I remember I was still at work and keep it professional so of course I apologized and told her everything will be okay. (No one ever wants to hear this but it will be)

She went on to ask me how she could go about getting her money back for the dress since a lot of her vendors weren’t doing the same. I felt so bad, you guys wedding are expensive people pay anywhere between $5000-$1,000,000. She was having an extravagant wedding and was loosing at least half of her deposits. 

I don’t know what happened after that, all I know she was issued her a refund. She was done with the guy for sure but cant say the same for her friendship with “The Hater” since this was her longtime bestie. All I know is I hope she left both of them behind. 

Ladies, be careful! Watch the people on “your team”. I know for me I definitely have trust issues and have a very tight circle of friends. Not everyone wants to see you happy, some can catch on quickly and others it takes a while. Just check for those red flags when it comes to your friends and planning your wedding.


Best Bridal Wishes,



2 thoughts on “The Backstabbing Maid of Honor!

  1. There were probably signs there all along! It’s hard to hide when you are in the same room with someone that you’re sleeping with. I felt her pain!

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